A LONG! Article on games I read the whole thing its 13 pages and its great!


Whats your favorite console?


So, lets get right to the point as the title suggests what is your favorite console? So, I must say mine first to me it has to be the Nintendo 64 to me because it was very revolutionary just not being the first console to attempt 3D but it did it right It had great release titles like Super Mario 64 and Pilot wings 64 with Mario 64 being one of my favorite games of all time and pilot wings getting a re release on the 3DS with Ocarina of time being to A LOT of people the greatest game of all time which I don’t really agree with its still a great game none the less now it was a cartridge based console which as of the time it came out most consoles were going to the new CD rom material well this wasn’t really an issue but it costed Nintendo some problems like losing there company square who made final fantasy and some really great rpg’s which were some of the best sellers on the super Nintendo with final fantasy 3 which is actually 6 is also regarded as the greatest game of all time but square left because since Nintendo was still with cartridges it was a lot more expensive to manufacture so they went to Sony and made games for them because the PlayStation was CD rom based so it was cheaper to manufacture but I guess all great partner ships come to an end Nintendo may have went to CD rom but that was for the GameCube and the disks were smaller than most disks you will see on the market then and now so some people still didn’t go to them because they couldn’t make big complex stories since the disks were smaller but back to the N64 so it had a great life so yeah and what is your favorite console.       

10 things about my topic.


So, this is the 10 things I know about my topic

1. Posts about how games evolved

2. Console history

3. My opinion on games.

4. News

5. Retro stuff.

6. Nintendo things

7. Questions on other peoples projects

8. Collections

9. Stuff about technology

10. Just gaming stuff in general.

What do you think of what most gaming is today.


So, lets get right into it. Well what I think of games today they seems to mature now I don’t mean it by its all for adults but I feel that shooters and such are to overly played and bought and not by the age demographic now being only 13 I feel that all of the people who play them are people of my age which to me goes downhill and doesn’t give you enjoyment of what you want in the game for it being also the same thing now I am being hipacritical about this with me playing some of these games but me being more of a retro gamer and gaming historian it doesn’t feel like this should be the way this should be going. So, when I look back at games I see things of wimsical fun and it seems nice but I like companies like Nintendo because they put more creativity into games and don’t make them like a shoot em up

What I think the of the Jane Mcgonigals work


Now, what I think of this is that she over thinks what shes saying and not taking the games that are the most mainstream right now because some of them are shooters and you don’t really learn much from that if you had taken a collection of games from last year what see is saying wouldn’t make much sence that you learn from them some things of hers I agree with but I can’t take them seriously because the more I watch and read the more I disagree Its hard for me to put how I feel in words but from a true gamers perspective this doesn’t seem right to me I may be over thinking and I feel flustered think about this sometimes but i’m not sure I’d say my final verdict is for her to rethink this and play the mainstream games.

My first blog post


Hi I am a student studying the history of video games I am very exited do start this blog now I know a lot about console games and just pretty much gaming in general so if you have any feed back on what you want me to talk about maybe some info I don’t know I hope you enjoy his blog and follow me along this time so enjoy!